Nintendo Switch SCALPERS!

Posted 28th Apr
I just wanted to vent about all the scalpers about at the moment. There is enough supply of Switch's but greedy people keep buying them all up then selling them for double the price!!
I really want one and I wasn't able to afford one until recenlty. Even the preowned ones are overpriced!
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Greedy companies sell them for more. Save your time here and write letters/emails to them or something. Let us know if you get a response. I’m up for a laugh
Try Smyths's
A lot of online retailers are restocking them sporadically so it’s worth checking online daily (Smyths, Very, Currys etc). Also turn your HUKD alerts on for Nintendo Switch posts as often they’re posted on here when they’re restocked so you have a chance at getting one for retail. Also check your local selling websites, not everyone is an a**hole. I’ve posted our Switch for sale onlineless than retail as would never expect someone to pay more for a used console. Good luck.
My friend was doing this. He works for one of the big stockists of switches. The company doesn’t care they’re doing this.

He did mention that he’s aware of 125,000 more being delivered in the U.K. between yesterday and next Friday, so is dropping his eBay prices before having too much stock.

If people can’t wait a few weeks for stock levels to go back to normal, they’re going to have to pay extra.

Scalpers will get caught out
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I would say the blame also lies with the buyers who can't be patient enough for what is not really an essential item. You want it now? Then pay the market price; no different than paying a lot more for next day delivery.
Unfortunately OP, not quite accurate. The only way sellers are even willing to take the risk in buying up items and attempt to sell them at a higher price is because, they foresee/guess/hope that there is a supply demand imbalance, be it temporary, and are willing to (literally) bet that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for that item, because the consumer is being a type of greedy in wanting that item now.

If consumers were willing to wait, and never paid over RRP then there would be no way for people to make money in this way.
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