Nintendo Switch "switch". Is it seemless?

    Okay, this may be an obvious question..

    I consider one of the biggest draws for the Nintendo Switch to be its versatility. I especially like the concept of going between TVs in different rooms. I know that you can buy nests (that's what I am calling them) to do so! I just want to find out more...

    My main question is whether the Switch somehow "talks" to the TV to change inputs.. Let's say that I have Sky TV on in the background while I'm sat on the sofa playing on the Switch... Then I decide to use the device on the TV. So, I put the device in the "Nest" to get it on the TV. Now, am I going to have to find the remote to change inputs? Or does the device do so? Similarly, let's say I want the TV back on again, but I just want to finish something off on the game, so I take the device out of the nest. Will I then need to manually change inputs again?

    The reason I ask is that I want to know how seemless the "switch" actually is. Is the nest literally just a charger with an HDMI port.. Or can it genuinely do a little more? If it can change the input on the TV (via IR I guess) then that is far more impressive than simply being the equivelent of plugging in an hdmi cable...


    This sort of thing comes from how your TV is set up, not the console - quite commonly, TVs can be set to switch automatically to HDMI inputs when they become active.

    As far as we know, the dock is, yes, essentially a charging cradle with HDMI output.

    I doubt it will do what you want, especially if your sky box is an active signal.

    Won't you need to pause the game to disconnect the controllers anyway? This means it doesn't need to be perfectly seamless.

    Yeah, this is nothing to do with the switch but how your TV is set-up
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