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I am looking to buy a nintendo wii, but want it so that I have 2 controllers and 2 nun chucks so far the best deal I can find is one from game for £234.99 that includes wii sport that comes with the console and wii play, just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere where I can get a better deal or an vouchers I could use for anywhere to get a better deal, oh yeah just remebered the £3 game voucher so actually £231.99 is the best deal so far


Go To Argos, Ask if they have any Managers Special Wiis.
Should be £159.99

Will come comeplete with Wii Sports and with 12 Month warranty (they are Nintendo Refurb ask to check the contents before you buy)
Go to Morrisons and buy a Nunchuck £12.99
Find Yourself Wii Play(With Controller) For around £25 (this comes with a controller and mini games to get used to playing with a Wii)

There you go £197.98 :-D

Thats what I did!

Then go spend the £30 you saved on a copy of Mario Kart and be happy (mind you finding Mario Kart is a task at the moment)

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I already asked at the two nearest argos' and they dont have any managers specials unfortunately. If anyone knows any argos's that do near stevenage I would be really interested I wanna try and buy it tomorrow if possible

Its usually the 'Extras' That have them...

Obviously you have the main one in Stevenage.

then there is St Albans, Biggleswade and Luton

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do they get them back in stock do u reckon or they jus have a few for each store and then when they are gone their gone

I would say they get them as people take them back, either for unwanted gifts or faulty items.

Its like anywhere I suppose if you get talking to friendly enough staff they may give you the nod as to when or if some are coming in.

When I got mine the Local Argos Extra had loads in for a couple of weeks, obviously haven't asked recently

You seem to be a bit rushed, but if you can wait buy a standard Wii package, and then the extras you need from good old DealExtreme

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am going to pop down and have a look at the deals in toys r us now to see if theres any better deals there and also going to ask in argos as I asked over a week ago now so hopefully they might have one in stock now of the managers specials

Dont know about Wii's but it might be worth asking in HMV I found them better than any other high st shop when I got my 360 and PSP (both bundles) although you have to ask as there offers are not always advertised!

try here under the games tab

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thanxs for your help guys decided to go with a zavvi got a good deal managed to get a wii 2 controllers 2 nun chucks wii mega sports pack wii sport wii play and mario and sonic olympics for £230 so am happy
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