Nintendo Wii

    Any one know the cheepest place to buy a wii, need a second one sick of the kids fighting, no games neccessary


    I got mine from Empire direct using the £30 discount for first time customers and 6% quidco (of course if it all works). Came in under £150

    Argos have a good deal on at the moment too

    try the game shops for a second hand one or ebay

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    Thanks for your help guys. Think i might try second hand one, never gave that a thought thanks

    £166 at for a newie

    I have been to Empire Direct and can not find a Wii their, how long ago did you buy it?

    I am intending buying a Nintendo Wii Console, still in the box, unopened from someone at my work for £150, is this a good deal?
    Can anyone advise, my boyfriend already has a PS3 and XBOX 360 and I never play the games, I thought a Wii might be more suited for both of us to play, I do not want to ask his advise as it's a surprise for his birthday, any advise?
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