Found 2nd Oct 2007
Is there anywhere with nintendo wii's in stock????????


Tried instore in shops?
I know game in nottingham has a fair few.

Whilst looking for nintendo wii's if you come across a site called aubrey electronics do not purchase from them, i had paid alot of money for a load of them before i realised that they were scamming me, luckily i stopped the payment in time. just a warning for you

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cheers staciebird

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ive tried all my local shops t0mm, must just be scotland that has none lol…001
They have two for sale online and more than for in their edinburgh store.

Free delivery.

Downside: £200 second hand w/ no game - not even wiisport.

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thanks t0mm but i was looking for a new one as its a present for someone, still much appreciated


Ill keep searching for you!

Phone your local Blockbuster, mine managed to get me one for a friend (just a small deposit required) within 10 days. Also look at ]This site, nowhere showing in stock at oment but keeps updating.


I got one the other week from Woolworths to put away for Crimbo

Yh, just use They are saying dixons have them in stock : ]link I don't know if they are stock at Dixons, but you're probably just going to have to keep searching around. Good luck in getting one :thumbsup: Nintendo are saying that there are going to be stock shortages for a second Christmas in a row!
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