Nintendo Wii accessories query

I am after some advice from experinced Wii owners.

I have bought a Nintendo Wii package for the kids for xmas which includes console, 1 remote, 1 nunchuck, Wii Sports, 1 motion + and Wii Sports Resort and would like to know any other accessories you think we will need or should buy so as not to disappoint on Christmas Day

Any advice welcome

thank you



At least 1 other wii remote (via wii play), and an additional wii motion - for the 2 player games.

You will also need a further nunchuck. Other than that add as you go :thumbsup:


how many kids?? could do with a remote and nunchuck for each


how many kids?? could do with a remote and nunchuck for each


Little point in having only one controller for a family orientlated game.

Go with the above, you'll need at least one other wii remote and one nunchuck. To play 2 player games on sports resort (or any other motion plus compatible game) you'll need another motion plus.
You can get a game called wii play which comes with another remote, it's usually about £30ish. The motion plus and nunchuck should be about £15 each, you might get them a bit cheaper if you shop around.

One other thing, if you get Mario Kart, it comes with one steering wheel accessory, you'll need another one (if you have another remote), the wheels are about £6 each.
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