Nintendo Wii - Advice / Guidance Please!

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Found 9th Dec 2009
I'm thinking of getting hubby one for Christmas. We're not especially into consoles, so have no experience, never having had or used on before. Is it any good? Do you have one? Is it a good family/all round thing? Where are the best deals? What are the best games? Is it a good idea at all?

Any info/guidance/advice greatly appreciated. Looking to spend about £150, want a good deal though, with lots of 'bits'.


its crap childish and the novelty wears off really quickly

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its crap childish and the novelty wears off really quickly

lol ta.

Any better ideas?


its crap childish and the novelty wears off really quickly

^^^^^this, unless your hubby is 5 don't bother.


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lol ta.Any better ideas?

buy a 360 Elite :-D


buy a 360 Elite :-D


If you're more into watching blu rays though, you may find a PS3 more useful (if you're not really serious gamers).

I would recommend Xbox 360 or a PS3 though, the Wii is very much a novelty.

Wii is family based, more aimed at kids I'd say than for instance your hubby, whilst he might have fun the novelty will wear off very quickly and it will sit at the back of the tv like mine does lol.

The wii fit also sits propped up against the wall.

I'd probably say either get him an Elite or a PS3 but that might be more than your willing to pay.

The Wii is a great party console when you have friends round or even when theres just 2 of you playing..

I own a PS3, XBOX 360 and a wii and each console has its own purpose..

You can not compare a PS3 to the wii as they are intended for 2 different end users.

I would suggest getting a Wii, Mario Kart is a fun game and get some of the party games... also.. my other half enjoys the Wii Fit..

As you are even asking this question, im guessing that your not into the consoles, therefore, a PS3 may not really intrest you,

Best bet... go to PC World, Currys etc.. and take a look at the DEMO boxes in store and see what you think

I think if you never game and want a family console, then the wii will be a good buy. Mine never gets used but when my son gets a little older I know it will get used more as I can't wait to show him how its done lol

I have a PS3, 360 and wii by the way and my fav is the ps3 by a mile but I have been a gamer for a long time.

get a ps3.

best exclusives lineup and its also getting the best motion controller sometime next year or maybe early 2011

plus it will play blu-rays and take you online. a 250GB version will store all your pics and music for quick playback in the living room with your surround sound system rather then having to start up your PC and playing on small speakers if its in another room.

wii and xbox are on the decline.........its ps3 all the way for the rest of this generation.

oh crap.......wrote a massive comment then realised ur willing to spend £150.

EDIT: only console to do full 1080p HD with dolby true HD 5.1 surround sound and you dont need to buy stuff like wireless adaptors, online fees, battery packs ect.
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