nintendo wii advise

    thinking of selling the wii as it hardly gets used...still boxed 6mts old 2 controllers and 7 games which are, bully scolership edition , carnival games , csi hard evidence , g1 jockey , emergency heroes, sims 2 castaway and wii play...have no price in mind..or will it be best to wait nearer xmas to sell it?


    Id wait till xmas to sell it really.

    But if you're looking for a quick sale I'd be interested in some of the games? Bully, carnival, csi, emergency and sims.

    If up for it, name your price or I have a few items I could trade- for example seasons 1-5 of the simpsons on dvd.



    your not allowed to sell it above rrp


    your not allowed to sell it above rrp

    Not on here, but he could sell the console on the 'Bay? x

    moved to Miscellaneous as you're asking for advice

    I would have thought that waiting for xmas would have been good advice
    HOWEVER there seems to have been price drops recently and, if even Sainsbury's
    get involved, you can almost guarantee it will be nationwide very soon.
    Maybe you would be better off selling now?
    The best of luck to you...........



    Not on here, but he could sell the console on the 'Bay? x

    true but oh the fees and the like :x
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