Nintendo Wii data files corrupted message

    Anyone else getting this message with their Wii? Six or seven times when we have turned it on we have had a message saying the data files are corrupted. So far the old PC trick of turning it off at the plug and starting again has sorted the problem - the files obviously aren't corrupted as the data is still there. If this is a common and unimportant glitch then fair enough, but I would like to avoid anything worse. Any comments appreciated. Thanks


    no nothing like that from my WII

    Not happened to me either!

    Not happened on the one in our house either..

    [SIZE=2]No problem with mine.[/SIZE]

    may call the shop you bought it from or look on nintendo forums !

    Not had this problem here.
    I've scanned the (official) Nintendo forums and can find nothing specific. You might find out more on rather than the euro version.

    Out of interest does this happen when you have an SD card in the slot ? If so you might try booting the Wii without the SD card in place ?

    I believe you can do a format on the Wii to take it back to factory settings which may cure the problem but be aware you may lose any personal data you have put on ?

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Whilst I'm glad no-one else has had the same problem it does make me think that there must be something wrong with the Wii we have. I don't have a SD card yet so there is nothing else in at the time, just the usual. Can you save game data directly onto the SD card if you have one? If you can I'll get one - better that then see my son's face if his 60 hours of Zelda goes down the pan! I'll keep any eye on the problem. If it gets worse or the game data does go, I'll get in touch with Amazon for a replacement. Thanks again.

    i think u can copy game data to an sd card!

    u go to settings and data mangment!


    i think u can copy game data to an sd card!u go to settings and data … i think u can copy game data to an sd card!u go to settings and data mangment!

    I'll second that Ant and just done it here with Zelda to make sure. :thumbsup:

    Merlin, here is the link to the customer service site:…jsp

    You should be able to get better information on here.
    Interestingly enough someone has just posted the same problem on a Yahoo site :…axV

    That didn't show up on a google search this morning.

    If you are going to send it back remember not to leave any personal data on the Wii system, see:…jsp

    If I find out any more I'll post it for you

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    Thanks. I'll see how it goes (it did it again last night). Appreciate all the help! Tried to leave you some rep hottoshop, but it won't let me as I must have already given you some recently for something else. Just bask in a warm glow for now........

    my nephew had this message, so i told him to bring his wii to my house and update the system, don't think he's had any trouble with it since, however I haven't tried my wii since he did this so he may have swapped em over, but i doubt it
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