Nintendo wii error code 51330

    Been trying to get on the wii shopping channel and I keep getting this error code, anyone have any idea what this means?


    Have you been on the internet with it before? It might be an error code for internet access. I had a code (can't remember what it was) was I first set up my wii to my router. I contacted Nintendo and I had to change the channel the router went through on the PC. Virgin can be either 1 or 11 - I just had to swap them around and it worked. Any help?

    Try Google?

    Original Poster

    It worked when I first got it but not now.

    You could reset your router, or set it back to factory settings. I've Googled it and its definately a router problem.

    It knows your a scouser, Lol

    51330 your been caught shoplifting im afraid your banned from the shopping channel :oops:
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