Nintendo Wii Fit - possible way to get hold of one via Comet?

    My wife has just returned from Comet in Hull and paid the 69.99 for a Wii Fit. Apparently she is 12th in a queue and on Friday 20 are being delivered. So we should be 'balancing and hoola-hooping' by the weekend.

    I suppose it saves those never ending trips into town to go to Argos, Curys, Game et al only to find it's out of stock AGAIN and when they do get them in they sell out within 15 mins of the shop opening. As for on-line, you'll have to pay 20 - 30 over the odds or even more on the Bay and that might never turn up.

    Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it.


    It's a suggestion, not a deal IMO...

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    Okey dokey. Was unsure anyway, Thanks for sorting
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