Nintendo wii fit stock checker ( not sure if its already been posted )

    this website is linked to all the websites that sell nitendo wii fits and tells you when they have it in stock. They also have a real time stock checker which pops up on your screen if a shop has got them in shops. its worth a look.


    This isn't really a deal as such it would prob be better in misc section

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    Sz Its My First Time Posting Properly

    It would be a useful tool, but it only ever shows it in stock way above RRP or as part of a bundle apart from the odd occassion where it sells out in one or two minutes. I expect it'll be that way until after Christmas.

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    how could it be expired ?????????????????????????????????????/

    I think folk have expired this as it's in the wrong section mate - it's not really a 'deal' as such. It's probably been posted before in the 'Misc' section as well.

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    ok ty


    how could it be expired ?????????????????????????????????????/

    What moob says :thumbsup:


    Moved to misc
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