Nintendo wii - fun multi-player games wanted- any recommendations

Just got my nintendo wii set up and we have been playing wii sports.We loved this for the fun factor and are looking for fun multi -player games. Can anyone recommend any fun games and if possable cheap prices for them . thanks !


Mario strikers is a laugh I have just been playing it with a few mates.

Rayman Raving Rabbids is a good laugh. Mario Party 8 is very slow. Big Brain Academy is very good for the price (about £20 in the shops, £14.99 delivered on DVD.co.uk)

Wii Play is fun with older gamers.

Mario Strikers is better online than with friends.

Download Mario Kart 64 off the VC!

Rayman: Raving Rabbids


Wii Play is fun with older gamers.Mario Strikers is better online than … Wii Play is fun with older gamers.Mario Strikers is better online than with friends.Download Mario Kart 64 off the VC!

whats the VC?

Virtual console, the online shopping part of the Wii where they are publising old games. You may need old controllers ie gamecube or classic for some games. You will need wii points to get the games, though you can buy them online too. Also I didnt like wii play at all apart from the cow racing its kinda not fun.

Mario Strikers, Rayman and Warioware

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz can have quite a fun multiplayer and you can get it from some websites for about £17.99 :thumbsup:

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Thanks for your recommendations we got Rayman: Raving Rabbids and wii play. Rayman is terrific really , really fun and I would highily recommend it to anyne- we had a few friends round in their thirites & forties and they had such a laugh.:-D
We werent keen on the wii play , so sold it on ebay but kept the remote. We didnt like a lot of the games and the fact that you had to work through all 9 games first.
Looking forward to getting even more games now- the wii definately has the fun factor ! We only paid £24.99 for rayman at Argos and wii play was £27.99 at blockbusters.

You definitely need Wario Ware for the Wii, trust me. It's my favourite multiplayer so far.

Just wait a few months, and you'll be able to purchase Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Definite must buys, in my opinion.

I enjoy Mario Party the best on the Wii in Multiplayer.

True, it takes longer than you average game...but is that a bad thing?

If you dont know about it, it's basically a board game involving the Mario Characters with each throw of the dice being accompanied by a mini game.

Great Fun.


By the way...where's the Multiplayer in Rayman?
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