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Found 6th Jul 2008
I'm trying to source a Wii - just a standard Wii with Wii sports and perhaps Wii play.

Trying to find the best price and places that offer quidco, my search so far has lbrought me back to exactly where I started! - Game!

Either this option:
http://www.game.co.uk/Wii/Hardware/HardwareBundle/~r335390/Wii-Console-with-Wii-Play/ £209.99


http://www.game.co.uk/Wii/Hardware/HardwareBundle/~r335484/Wii-Console-with-Table-Tennis/ £179.99

In either case Quidco offer 3% on the pre vat price, taking the above 2 bundles down to
£204.8 and £175.54 respectively. (Assuming Quidco tracks, and lets face it, if it doesn't its a fiver down in either case so Iit's not the end of the world)

So........ if you were buying a Wii, and wanted a basic starter pack - where would you go? - Is Game the best bank for your buck Wii wise atm?


My OH got me a wii for my birthday and he paid £214 for a console with sports and wii play with extra controller and also the mega accessory pack ........all from Argos

Search for wii, 568/3257 ........then go to "special offers" and take a look at the offers it shows, he got the offer 4 cos it had the wii play with an extra controller

hope this helps

Noticed in Game at Meadowhall yesterday that they were doing the usual Wii bundle with Carnival Games thrown in for £179 which is good value as most places are £179 without Carnival Games and this game is definitely worth having.

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Not so fussed about the mega pack thing for the Wii, but thanks for the idea - there's an Argos just down the road if I can't get one in time!

It's looking as though Game is the best place at present - unless anyone knows of any other places with quidco / vouchers etc which I have overlooked.

For the record - has anyone tried the table tennis game in the bundle I posted above? - I thought the carnival games sounded a bit naff - but Annie1508 seems to think its worth having


search ]here under games tab :thumbsup:
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