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I have recently purchased a Wii from Sainsburys and am looking for the best deals on games etc now.
I have just looked on Carphone Warehouse and they have the Wii Play for £26.99 which includes the remote - also Mario Kart for £26.99 and Wii Fit for £56.99. Are these good prices? Bearing in mind the 5% quidco too and do I need another nun chuck (they are 11.99)
Sorry but im new to this gaming lark lol!


the wii play is the cheapest way to get the remote if you dont wanna buy off ebay, to b honest i got all my games off gumtree, its cheaper, or try trade ins in the shops, they give you the same guarantee as a new game. is it wii fit plus you are after or just the original wii fit?

if you are likely to be playing against other family members then yes i would recommend 2 controllers & 2 nunchucks.

as for games you cant beat mario kart. also might try argos they have some good cheap games or your local game/gamestation for second hand games. if you prefer new argos have super smash bros for £9.99 or morrisons have rayman ravin rabbits tv party for £9.99 (you dont have to have the balance board to play but it is more fun with it). also sainsburys have a wii clearance bin going on at my local too with little kings story for £10 and a few others.

If you like platformers the lego series games rea fun, lego batman/indiana/starwars or crash bandicoot games. Then of course you have my fav guitar hero & rock band games.

hope this helps, there are sooooo many games the list could go on all day.

Powerplaydirect have wii play for £26.99 but 5% topcashback and 2% discount code (B4U)
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