Nintendo Wii Games - Any decent prices around?

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Found 16th Mar 2008
Hi all

Just joined the 'Wii gang'. Bought one yesterday and it's due to arrive for Easter.

Had a good look through previous posts but anybody else know of some decent family games (girls of 11 and 6), sports games and add-ons to go for which are going cheap on the www. From where and how much please?

Already ordered Wii play and extra controller through Empire with their GBP 20 off/Quidco.

Cheers in advance



for kids that age i recommend super monkey balls bannana blitz.
its a cheap but genious game. there r over 40 minigames which are gr8 for kids ur age
super game ++++

Original Poster

Cheers TT

Sorry we beat you 5 - 0 yesterday!! Hope you stay up

There are so many party/family games for the Wii, that it's best looking around so you avoid the complete duffers. Another thing if you're not familiar with videogames is that games made for movie tie-ins are almost always awful and worth avoiding.

Anyway, with regards to your query, I'd recommend the following:

Mario Party 8
Carnival Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Endless Ocean
Meet the Robinsons
Rayman Raving Rabbids - the first is better than the sequel
...and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, as recommended above.

There aren't that many *great* sports games on Wii just yet, although Pro Evolution Soccer and Mario Kart arrive next month... and Wii Fit is on the way too. =)

Some of them are getting on a bit in age now, so you'll probably find them below £20.

Hope this helps.

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It does help shuandrew. Appropriate rep added. Cheers

Argos got a good range with a 2 for £30 offer on at the moment.
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