Nintendo Wii HDMI connector

Posted 1st Jun 2020

I have a Nintendo wii and want to connect it to my tv with through HDMI.

What’s the cheapest connector?
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Have a look for one on Amazon.
I bought the Wii to hdmi adapter. It does improve the picture quality a bit too compared to scart.... But obviously doesn't output in 1080 as the Wii is incapable of doing so. Think I got mine on eBay for a couple quid.
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I got the wii to hdmi adapter too, not used it yet. Currently £4.98 on the bay
I think I’ve got one unused I brought for my Wii but it too so long to turn up I’d sold the console in that time. You can have for free if you want, I have no use for it? Won’t be able to get it for a few days.
Ebay for £4.
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