Nintendo Wii HELP!

    I've got a Japanese Wii running 4.1J, have been told it has the D2CKey Modchip (have checked serial and most likely D2C chip) and also has the homebrew channel installed.
    Problem is, menu is in Japanese, so I can't understand it!
    Tried using AnyRegionChanger to change it to PAL - it changes language to English but settings don't work (opera semi brick) and any games that I insert don't work through the disk channel. However, all games work fine through GeckoOS which is installed as a channel.
    I know you can remove semi-brick by updating with a disk with a later firmware (have done so previously) of the same region but what advice would you give me as my Wii is a JAP wii and has a D2CKey which is probaly soldered to JAP region and if I update with a PAL game will I get settings back and will games work through disk channel?
    Will add rep for any useful help

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