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    I'm slowly coming round to the idea of getting a Wii for the family (with just a bit of persuasion from my kids!). The trouble is, I've no idea what basic package I should be looking at. There are 4 of us who have only ever had hand held consoles (PSP & DS). I would like some game choices but don't want to waste money on games we won't like (Wario Ware is a favourite). Can anyone help?


    Wario ware smooth moves is poo.....carnival is great fun for everyone, sonic and mario at the olympics is good but very tiring !!! and wii sports is also great fun.

    Wii Sports, which comes with the console is a great starter. It has Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and baseball with it (I think that's it, but might have missed one). This will keep you entertained for a bit. It is worth getting another controller if you play with the family. Wii play comes with a controller and is also fun, there is shooting, fishing, etc on it.
    Then it depends what you like. We have gone for the games with mini games, like Wario Ware, which you play with other people. Great fun for the family (my kids are 20 and 22 and still ove it).
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for your help on games. Do you have any recommendations on what basic items I should be getting...just one extra controller, what about nunchucks etc?

    The basic package comes with a nunchuck, depends on what games you buy and how many people will be playing.
    If it's just going to be you playing then no real need to buy any extras but if your going to play with family and friends then extra nunchucks, remotes will be needed.

    to get you going you need to buy two items:

    wii basic you get console, wii controller, wii nunchuck & wii sports game

    wii you get wii controller & wii play game

    this way you have two games (wii sports gives you 5 games) + (wii play gives you 8 games)

    + you have the two controllers (for the most fun on the games)

    this gets you going

    Hi, I've got two Wii's for sale if you are interested, I've listed them on Hot uk deals, just want what I paid for them, not after a profit. I'm in Folkestone but the Wii's can be for collection from Canterbury, Folkestone or Aylesford depending on day/time.

    We have just opened ours last night and realised straight away we needed another remote so brought Wii Play as its the games and has a remote with it in the pack. They did have these yesterday in a local Woolys (Hythe) but they are out of stock everywhere else I tried. We will also get another Numchuck and memory card as on Wii play you open different games as you go so if you don't save it you have to start with just being able to access the first game each time until you complete them.
    If you are interested in my Wii's for sale, give me a call 077733 06765 or drop me a message.
    Happy Wii'ing !!!!


    We haven't had our wii long - the sports lasted us for a couple of days so you don;t actually need another game to get you having fun but then we bought Super Mario galaxy which is brilliant. We are not serious gamers - had a PS2 before but not particularly good at games - just enjoy messing about. SMG is really good fun and we are all enjoying playing under our own profiles and going off in different directions in the game. Best £30 I've spent in a while. We then bought wii play with the extra controller - this ok but not something you are going to play often tbh - it just gives you practice doing diff moves with the controller and of course comes with a free controller which is why I bought it. We don't have another nunchuk yet and have had no need for one. I am looking at endless ocean and tomb raider as my next buys.


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