Nintendo Wii Infrared Wireless Sensor Bar

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Found 25th Jun 2007
Nintendo Wii Infrared Wireless Sensor Bar - any one know whats this for and do you need one with the wii? do the packs from john lewis come with them?

my head hurts!!!!!!:?


Its the sensor bar that you point the wiimote at. All wii's come with them so you don't need to worry about buying one. I suppose stores have started selling them seperately incase people break theirs.

Without the sensor bar you cannot use the wiimote.

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so they all come with one?

Yeah they do, they're not that big niether.

As said, The wii console comes with one.

Its quite small and just sits on the top center of the telly etc.

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thanks guys!!!!, there is so very much to learn about these things!!!!

I heard theres a way to make a custom one with a candle which had a far better signal(reallY)

No problem

Well I don't think thats quite true the wii comes with the sensor bar so that you wiimotes work but this needs to be connected to the wii a wireless version of it does not. But dont worry everything you need to play the wii will come in the package.

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do you know if it comes with a long cable? approx 3-4 metres? or will i be better off buying a wireless kit? also some of the kits say without cable, do i need one with or without?

The cable is approx 3 metres long, give or take.

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is there anything else im gonna need to buy, like docking station, or spare batteries, is it advisable to buy 2 nunchucks and an extra remote - will this enable 2 people to play together?

docking stations are not necessary but they are useful. Saying that decent batteries last a suprisingly long time anyway.

You get a nunchuck with it, however if you want to play 2 player games I would recommend buying an extra wiimote (or buying wiiplay which comes with a wiimote and thought the games aren't great they can be some fun plus they r 2 player). I would also recommend buying a spare nunchuck if you think you'll be playing 2 player alot. Not many 2 player games use the nunchuck at the moment, but some do.

If your into retro gaming you may want to buy a wii points card also, though you could just buy the points with a debit card direct from the wii shop (found on your wii)

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im not too sure if the pack ive ordered comes with the nunchuck, its the sports pack from john lewis (£179), also, do you think this is a good buy?
330138209568 - ebay

The standard pack comes with both a Wiimote and a nunchuck as far as I'm aware. If you want an additional Wiimote + nunchuck you need to buy them separately though. If you're looking for another Wiimote I'd have a look at Wiiplay which is a game for around 30 pounds with a Wiimote bundled - the game isn't anything special, a few more minigames but you're essentially getting it for a couple of pounds.


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i hope it does come with the nunchuck - i will get the play kit thingy, few extra games will be great for my daughter!

Original Poster…spx, dosent look
like the nunchuck is included after all!!!

I'm fairly sure it does, Play list it as standard:


It's a while since I've opened one up but I'm 99% sure I didn't have to buy one separately for the main controller.


it comes with a nunchuck remote sports sensor the whole lot i brought mine from john lewis as well.

yeah you can make the sensor bar wireless and theres some nice mods you can do to the remote aswell.

I'm sure most people know this but make sure when setting up your Wii you set the IR bar correctly in the menus - you need to set the location of the IR bar in the Wii's config.


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is it best to get that made into a wireless one? also, is it ok to connect via hdmi lead? or is there a better/cheaper way?

Did you know that the controllers work via Bluetooth? :?

Connect one up to your comp!:thumbsup:
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