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    We are probably the only family in the UK who don't own a wii BUT we are now going to get one and I need to know what I need to buy in terms of accessories/ games etc.... and I need to know the best place/site to purchase all if poss ?? Please ???
    I have a DH age 44, 3 x DS's - 10, 8 and 5 and a DD age 3. I will need the 'fit' bit - what game/s and accessories will I need as well. Thank you for any help assistance as I am completey confused !!
    I can't ask my family as I plan to surprise them ??? !!


    Get the wii fit as its great fun and can be used for other games and there are some great prices to be had now check HUKD for them i would also suggest another wiimote and nunchuck as 2 people can then play.

    We bought a Wii for our son last xmas from Game. It was second hand (one of the trade-in ones) but it came with a year warranty and all the usual stuff you get with a Wii (one controller, one nunchuck, Wii sports and a stand) and was almost half the price of a new one. Don't disregard stores even though are some pretty good deals online.
    As well as the Wii with all the bits above, you should get at least one more controller and nunchuck if not four in total if budget allows. This will allow you to get the most out of sports games, quiz games etc by allowing each person to have their own control.
    The games I can recommend are Mario Party 8, MarioKart, Wii fit (which will cost around £60), Big Brian Academy, any of the 'party' games (Big beach, pub, game party etc) and SSX blur. All of these are multi-player but can be played by a single player if you wish.
    Don't bother with Alone in The Dark, RC Helicopter, Boogie or House of the Dead. IMHO they're tosh.
    You may also like to get rechargeable batteries with a docking station as this reduces the need to constantly buy batteries. You can get pretty good ones on eBay (from Japan or somewhere, but they're fine) fairly cheap.
    Hope this helps.
    The most important thing though.....
    Have fun with your family. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help - also does anyone know of any good deals at present as when they are posted on HDUK there are always negative comments about it being a bad deal ?.........
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