Nintendo WII, minimum age to play it?

Found 27th Jul 2008
Hi, swaying over getting a nintendo WII for my 2 !/2 year old daughter.

Shes still pretty young i know but plays the nintendo Ds like mad and seems to be quite good with the games, plus quits and starts another game when she gets bored!
Just wondering if she'd like WII sports, carnival games etc....

What you all think? Still too young?
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My son has been playing on the wii since he was just over 3. Takes a few days but he is great at it now. He actually beat me in the bowling one time and i was trying my best lol He got 4strikes in a game and ended up with 163. We also bought him Go Diego Go which is a good game for the kids. Not too difficult, lots of different actions to use the wii remote for, and he cant die which is always a good thing.
Oh excellent advice John. I've been mulling over whether my 4 yr old would be able to use it.

Wii for xmas day, here we come, woohoo!!!
I bought my little man one for his fourth birthday a few weeks ago and he loves it. I even added to it by getting the wii fit and he goes on that too. When we play wii sports he always seems to beat me even though I am really trying!
My 3 and 6 year old beat us at bowling too LOL!

Will look into the Diego game to :thumbsup:

My 3 and 6 year old beat us at bowling too LOL!Will look into the Diego … My 3 and 6 year old beat us at bowling too LOL!Will look into the Diego game to :thumbsup:

yeh my 3 yeat old loves the bowling and gets strikes every time, but shes even funnier when playing tennis, hasnt quite grasped the timings yet.

I think its great for there hand to eye co ordination and it keeps her quiet for half an hour. def get one :thumbsup:
Get it for her 3rd birthday.
My youngest has been playing on ours since he was about 2 1/2 :thumbsup:
my little madame is 2 1/2 and she is a demon on it liks the eldees thing and a few other ones wont let anyone near it must of been a guard dog in her previous life
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