Nintendo Wii Needed

    Hi everyone I am new

    But I deperately need a Nintendo wii
    I preordered one form HMV but no wii will be arriving for xmas!!!!

    If anyone has one to sell or knows of anyone who has them in stock I would really really appreicate the help.

    I have been on the phone and internet all morning and I dont think work are going to be very happy!!! Oh well wii is more iportant.

    I would really really be happy if soeone could help me!



    How much do you want to pay for one?

    Don't pay over the odds!!! Adn don't get ripped off by these people selling Wii Consoles for £300+.

    Walked into Virgin yesterday, no pre-order, and picked one up off the shelf.

    All major stockists (Tesco / Game / Asda / Virgin / etc.) are getting numerous deliveries all week, and if you persist, I am sure you'll get one easy enough!

    Well I have one but I wont sell it unless I get over the odds for it

    Musiczone got them in Manchester Store today

    £249.97 including 2games!


    Well I have one but I wont sell it unless I get over the odds for it

    Understand that, but do you not fear of being left with a Console that you can't get rid of for not what you even paid for it?

    Then I will just use it myself, I dont really mind either way, if I decide to sell it after xmas I am sure I will get what I paid for it. I am out of the country at the moment so it is hardly as if I am waiting to open it.

    Original Poster

    I know plenty of virgin stores got them yesterday.

    I live an hour away from my nearest virgin and by the time i got there they had all gone!

    I took my lunch early and everything!
    I was absolutely gutted, i could have cried as I had to work an hour more to make up for it!

    Well mine is in Cambridgeshire if that is any use to you if not no worries and good luck

    someone posted in the hot deals forum about calling your local wh smith.…514

    How much are you willing to pay ?
    I have one about to go on ebay ?
    PM me and I'll give you the details. (If your interested)

    I managed to get one off the shelf(not pre-ordered) yesterday instore at GameStation (Newport, Isle of Wight)... I believe with persistant chasing and phoning stores should get you one for christmas as stores they are managing to fulfil pre-orders now, especially on the uk mainland :-) Good Luck

    Original Poster

    IVE GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!


    WHSmith in Grantham have 1 left if anyone lives nearby and wants one???

    Thanks for everything, im sooo happy

    i want one any in birmingham help anyone i went to woolworths and they said i would not be able to go on the list as he had 70 in front of me waiting i was sad but at least he didnt laugh at me as i know most sales assistants are finding this a bit of a not.......:(

    trying to find one in swindon area and i see the post on main page but by time i got in from work and got in touch it was too late.

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    i got mine earlier today, if your local whsmith havent had ay yet ask them to put your name down as they will be getting some before xmas!!!!!
    This is meant to be 75% DEFINATE for each store.
    some are taking deposits
    and I have one preordered with woolworths and im 4th
    if they ring and tell me ive got it I will buy it or reserve it for someone

    Thats so nice Moo. Nice to read that you will help someone after the sharks that say ' I have one, how much are you willing to pay...' :pirate:
    I hope you enjoy your wii. Merry Christmas:santa:

    This place is showing sites as having wii's instock and it's almost every one that has instock by it.

    All those sites are linked to catalogues so dispatch wont be before xmas, possibly mid Jan...

    The only other option is the Amazon link which takes you to the over priced market place ones for £350+
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