Nintendo Wii Package advice

    I have just transferred some of my Nectar points into £80 worth of Amazon vouchers as this looks like the best option for my Wii purchase.

    What additional items do I need to compliment the standard package?

    Need to make sure I get the best deal out of this.

    Thanks in advance :0)


    an extra controller would be a good purchase, used to be better to buy the wiiplay as this comes with a controller.

    should have many looked at argos aswell, as they could have better offers on the wii.

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    Apologies but I am a newbie when it comes to computer games post 1990 lol, which controller as an extra ?

    You will need an extra wiimote and nunchuck. You can get a white contoller with wii play for under £30. Just buy a cheap nunchuck as you don't need it for all the games. If you are buying black wii, the hut are now selling wiimote with extra motion plus for £34.73.

    Firstly i'd go for the black wii if possible. Not too much difference in price and is more desirable at the moment in case you don't like it for resale, etc. Plus i think they look really nice, and they're new etc.
    You should go for an extra controller and nunchuch , the package will come with one of each, but everyone plays the wii with someone else. If on a budget go for the extra controller first as you'll need that more.
    If you can get a package with wii sports resort - do, its the new sports game and is great. They have an additional piece of controller with them which is more sensitve, so you would need an extra one of these too ( i got mine off here for £10)
    Have you changed yet? As yes argos may of been a better deal?

    Once you have everything sorted, you need to pick some games, Mario kart is a MUST. That generally comes with one wheel, another is around £8. Although you on't HAVE to use them in the game, we don't usually.

    Depends then what games you're into. Lots of choice. If you do get the wii with sports resort (i'm not sure if you also get the original wii sports) If not you should buy that as its very good.

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    No black ones in stock at Argos or I would have got from there so going to go via Amazon as I had extra vouchers from doing surveys.

    Thanks for all the advice, will start off with the suggestions and build up when the nephews/nieces give me hints lol

    Definitely going for a black wii as i'm getting a new tv too :thumbsup:

    Repped for your help :-D I feel like a doofus when it comes to computer consoles

    doesn't seem to be letting me access this through HUKD anyway go on ebay and look for

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    doesn't seem to be letting me access this through HUKD anyway go on ebay … doesn't seem to be letting me access this through HUKD anyway go on ebay and look for ghs-tecn

    Prefer not transacting with HK sellers on Ebay but thanks
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