Nintendo Wii Play with Remote Control & Zapper - Cheapest?

    Dear All,

    As anybody found this cheaper than £29.95 + £4.95 delivery via Dixons? Was after just the remote, but you can get it with the Wii Play for a similar price. Would like the Zapper as well



    I cannot find wii play and remote cheaper ( and in stock ) BUT the zapper gun with links
    training game is available from amazon for £17.99 delivered ( get it as it's great fun! )…-21

    Wii Play, and the zapper are two different things.

    Wii Play is £30 from Zavvi, The zapper is £18 from choicesuk, I have neot checked availability for either.

    Wii Play and wireless remote in stock at WHS for £28.69 free delivery
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