Found 20th Feb 2010
Whats this worth:

Nintendo Wii console, chipped with about 50 games, Wii fit board 2 remotes, nunchucker, 15-1 pack,charger docking station.....



Id give about £100 for it without the board,

can't advertise chipped consoles selling with copied games.... you'll get told off.. lol
games are only worth the price of a blank disc bud !

wouldnt advise selling on here !

Original Poster

ok thanks, not going to sell on here, just thinking about selling it locally and wondered what I would get for it.....

if the games are printed and in white boxes etc id go for nearer £200

Original Poster


if the games are printed and in white boxes etc id go for nearer £200

Afraid they arnt mate, they are not all copied games, there is abot 10 legit ones, including shaun palmer snowboarding, wii fit, mario olympics cant remember the others

personally I would say you would be better selling seperately for the best price.

You could get 90-100 for the wii and 1 remote and nunchuck. Then sell the board seperatley as there is still quite a demand for these. Plus the additional remotes are still reaching good prices second hand. Also the legit games you listed are popular ones and you should get 5-10 each for these. HTH
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