Nintendo Wii Prices, Etc?

    Morning All

    I'm hoping some of you wonderful people can help a confused Dad:thinking:

    My Daughter(11 years old) has asked for a Nintendo Wii for her Christmas. I have absolutely no gaming experience at all so am a bit lost.

    First of all, where would be the cheapest place to get it currently-I am a member of Quidco if that helps?

    Secondly, what is the essential kit or extras I might need? Is it supplied with two controllers? I see something called a Nunchuck(Sp?)-what is it/is it essential? Is the basic package that comes with the machine enough to get started with?

    Thirdly. What games do you think are the best for a sporty, action minded 11 year old child(not "girly" at all!)? If you know where to get them cheaply please feel free to say!!!

    A lot of questions I know, if anyone is able to help with any/all parts of it I'd be very grateful to you.

    Thanking you all in advance.



    The wii with the wii sports if probably best and then get the extra essentials pack for changing the remotes into rackets etc. Its hard to get hold of but keep watching on hot deals and try for every one posted. (in the forum of hot deals). I was very lucky to get one from argos last night. :thumbsup:

    Link about the nunchuck here…KQ0

    The price can vary from about £180 incuding the game to about £220/£240. Just look out like i said. Good luck,

    if you buy one from argos.. first buy £155 worth of vouchers... you will get £15 of vouchers free.... Then use those vouchers to buy the wii.. will save you 15 quid

    Buy Wii Play Game for about £30 and it has extra controller (controllers themselves are about £20)

    We have got one of these for our daughter and it was an absolute pain in the ****:x

    They seem to be in short supply and they go out of stock very FAST!!! so grab 1 as soon as you see it.

    We got ours from game but we was phoning every morning for a fortnight. It came with 1 game, wii sports,console,controller £199. We also bought Wii play to get the extra controller.

    Good Luck, and if all else fails have a look at the inflated prices on Nintendo's parent company website "ebay" as thats where all the stock is going.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated.

    Tried my local Argos but they had none in stock, or at their warehouse, nor would they take any orders.

    Nice idea though:thumbsup:

    where abouts do you live?

    I went to Argos and they refused to give me the Gift tokens for buying gift tokens:)

    Hang on for a week or two. The current lack of stock is due to tabloid induced panic buying. There will be a Wii for everyone come November.

    If anyone live's Gloucestershire way and wants one, I know a store that has some in stock

    in stock at gamestation online atm

    i tried this at argos they didnt let me

    This site will tell you when a wii is in stock at most major retailers online.
    It also has a stock notifier to notify you when the wii is in stock. Very useful.

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