nintendo wii stock in north west

any idea where i can order a wii???

ideally for delivery - but collection ok


Try looking on argos......

Cleveleys (near blackpool) - currently has some in stock

Depends where abouts in north west you are....

north east - bridlington - if anyone needs one...

a bit nearer to wigan or St Helens you know of? I too am in a fruitless search for a Birthday present Wii and am reluctant to use ebay.

Argos in Clevelys is a bit too far considerring they won't allow reserve and collect.

Stay away from ebay at all costs when it comes to such an important peice of kit. I'd only use the site for cheap items.

Try GAME or Gamestation as I regularly receive updates saying they have them in.

Alternatively, sign up to [url]www.wiistock.co.uk[/url] and whenever a retailer gets stock in this site will automatically email you with the details (price, availability). As far as I'm concerned I've never received any spam off this. I got my wii from GAME using this method for £179.99

Why can you not reserve???? it should let you online....

Try Bolton Bridge Street - have in stock...

Argos have a policy with some items with not letting you reserve. When it's popular it's on a first come, first served basis. Call them direct and ask them if they have it in stock. Some of them will hold it for a couple of hours or so, others will tell you they have it in and you have to leg it there to pick it up before someone else does.

Usually though, they don't answer and you get put through to a automated machine that will tell you if they have it or not. Most of the time it's not.

argos: Wythenshawe

any luck?

How much do you want to spend ?

Original Poster

reserved at bolton

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