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    Progress so far and a question..
    So we booted up a new Wii U basic on Christmas day. A present for my 10 and 6 year old. I'd have control over purchases and keep them both offline. The wife would like some games just dance. So I set it all up after the huge time.consuming updates. I've setup this thing a bit weird in that the daughter had been given a Nintendo I'd by me. Perhaps I should have assigned that to me as I don't want her buying content or chatting online. I set everyone up in mii so that they show up in games like our old wii. But I'm still a bit confused about accounts and settings. Parental controls are on at least but I've assigned that to the daughters account again by mistake. I'm thinking of resetting the whole thingbfrom scratch and setting me.up first as the primary accountvwith nintendo I'd and everyone else as a general user.

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    You should be able to change settings on the account. Or even delete that profile and make a different one (your own) as the main.

    Click the Local+

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