Nintendo Wii - What do I need?

Found 22nd Aug 2007
The other half has finally convinced me to get a Wii so that we can spend more quality time together, rather then just me playing the 360 on my own.

I'm not sure what actually comes in the Wii box with regards to controllers etc.

I know the Wii comes with Wii Sport, but does it come with 2 controllers? Do I need to 2 controllers to play Wii Sports with the missus?

The missus also said she wants Wii Play, which after looking on the net seems to come with a Nunchuck controller....

Now I'm really confused as to what controllers I need, and if i need 2 of each?

Also ... for when the missus loses interest, what games would be good for someone who likes games like Gears or War, Rainbow 6, PGR etc? I was a huge fan of Zelda Ocrarina of time back on the N64... is the Zelda on the Wii worth a play?

Also as this is a bargain site, any links to good prices for games, console, controllers etc would be greatly accepted
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'Quality time together' playing a games console!:giggle:

You're onto a winner there mate!:thumbsup:
It comes with 1 controller and 1 nunchuk. What most people do is buy a copy of Wii Play as it comes with a free Wii remote (not a nunchuk).

You only need a nunchuk to play boxing on Wii Sports, the rest only require a Wii Remote.

Zelda: Twilight Princess is a definite must if you have a Wii. Also I'd recommend Resident Evil 4.
buy a 2nd controller for your 360?
or dump her & get a headset - plenty of friends you can chat too online ;-) hehe
invest in a few gamecube controllers for the games you'll download and any game cube classics you buy

choicesuk sell a charger and 2 battery packs for 12.99 which has been the best thing i've bought so far, it runs off the wii usb port and looks quite tidy

gamewise zelda is good, mario strikers has been my fav game, wii sports will keep you occupied and resident evil 4 if you liek that kinda thing. Get your preorder in for paper mario on virgins website (only £22.50 if you use a virgin credit card), wii play is worth it for the extra few quid - the fishing, shooting and cow racing are strangely addictive. Wario ware is good for a laugh but the lack of multiplayer is criminal and doesn't justify buying it full price

Worst games i've bought were sonic (just didn't work for me), monkey ball (the mini games were really boring), rampage (unplayable), 4x4 monster truck game with the steernig wheel is a bit rubbish too.

'Quality time together' playing a games console!:giggle: You're onto a … 'Quality time together' playing a games console!:giggle: You're onto a winner there mate!:thumbsup:

Watch out, ChoicesUK is in administration....

I'm gonna risk that though, nice spot !!!
I would definitely buy wii play to get the extra remote, but I'd also buy another nunchuk as they come in handy in some games. For me Zelda isn't all it's cracked up to be, but if you enjoyed it on the N64 I'm sure this will be brilliant for you. I'd preorder Super Paper Mario, and definitely Super Mario Galaxy - should be a top notch game Mario Party 8 is good fun, but
quite childish, so it depends on what you're into. Big Brain Academy is one of the cheaper games and could be quite fun for you and your other half to see who has the biggest brain ;-) . But one game you should definitely buy is Trauma Centre - well worth the money, get it from Virgin for the cheapest deal
Definately get Zelda and Resident Evil. truly awesome games ;-)
Cheers for the advice guys.

So where the best/cheapest place to buy:

Wii Console + Wii Sports
Wii Play
Invest in some Wii points too, there are a ridiculous amount of good games on the Virtual console to download; full list here:


Most of the SNES and N64 games are must haves
chip your wii;-)
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