Nintendo Wii with 2 Wiimotes/Nunchucks


Looking for Brand New, or at least "As New in Box". All I've been able to find is the £179.99 deal with one remote/nunchuck, and £39.89 from Gamestation for an extra Wiimote/Nunchuck (combo deal).

I've seen the console bundled with an extra Wiimote/Nunchuck at a few sites, but it also works out more expensive (albeit by about a pound) than buying this combo from Gamestation separately.

Also, is Sonic and the Secret Rings worth getting? Gamestation include it in a bundle for an extra tenner (Wii Games seem to cost alot more than £10 in general).

Thanks very much



Sonic and the secret rings really is not worth getting. Did you see the offer for the wii console yesterday for £160?

If you have a Zavvi (Virgin) near by pop instore. I had a wii console, remote and nunchuck, wii sports and super monkey ball game for £158 all in

Hello :thumbsup: I have a Nintendo Wii for sale with 8 games, 1 Wiimote and 1 Nunchuck and a HD Component Cable. Console is in wonderful condition, as it has only been used 3 or 4 times and most of the items that come with the console remain sealed and unused i.e: Stand, AV Cable and Sensor Bar Stand. The game included are:

Wii Sports (Bowling, Boxing, Baseball, Tennis and Golf)
Mario Galaxy
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Red Steel
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (New but unsealed)
WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 (New but unsealed)
Donkey Kong Jet Race

All games are in fantastic condition and fully boxed with instructions. The reason for the sale is i dont get the time to play on it, as i have a PS3 and could do with the extra cash. I could post pictures tomorow morning if anyone is intrested. Im looking for around £290.

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