Found 11th Nov 2006
anyone know if the wii is in short stock like when the xbox 360 was released, im asking this because im not sure to pre order or not. can anyone help:thinking:


I think the Wii could be in short supply, as PS3 is delayed and a lot of people "need" a new console fix every Christmas :-D

If you pre-order it, you can always cancel the order if you change your mind. will be taking pre-orders for the Wii on the 21st of November.

I reckon most people buying one will be pawning it off on ebay. Who's actually intending to buy one for their kids? Maybe we need a poll

So because Argos are still taking pre-orders, if i was to order one from them now, would i be guaranteed to get one on launch day? or whenever the delivery comes out.

I'm still under the impression that Nintendo have not given final unit figures to each retailer yet, so no company can yet guarantee any new pre-orders that come in.
]sarbjeet_ - I would do what rayman suggested, better to be safe than sorry and you can always cancel your pre-order.


if i were to pre-order, will my card be charged or will it be only when they ship it out, that is if they can?

^If you pre-order from Argos, then yes, you will be charged straight away.

cheers ravster
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