Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's

    Evening all,

    Just got home with a lovely shiny Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Main reason being SWMBO really really wants the Wii fit and i get to get rid of her cross trainer from my study!

    Apart from Wii Sports ive got Wii Play on the way (for the extra wiimote) plus 3 games she chose

    * Sonic Rapid Racer summit
    * Super monkeyball?
    * Mater National (Cars thing)

    Any good games i should check out or accessories that are must haves?

    Cheers folks


    I love big brain academy


    cool minigames

    We got the Mater National Game on PS3 although aimed more at children I guess,it's ok and we'll play a little 2player with the kids.
    Some Mario games be good for you and Zelda if you got time to play it.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, I did try to play Mater National but it well erm just seemed a bit well erm pants :oops: like you say aimed at kids definitely - but she's a disney fruit cake so im not allowed to put it on Ebay just yet :roll:

    Overall I can see why people like them so much - im shattered and apprantly have a Wii fitness level of 38, not sure if thats a compliment or not being a semi sprightly 27yr old :whistling:

    Hi there,

    It completely depends on the kind of game you're looking for....... for example, if you're looking for a quick play/multiplayer games, then you can't wrong with games like Mario Kart, smash bros and Warioware but if you like single player games and you'd prefer a bit more concentration, then I'd recommend games like Zelda, Mario. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I think its going to be Mario Kart and Mario Olympic type ones - will wait until they're on offer though

    You can get Mario Kart for about £30 quid now with the steering wheel and games like that never drop in price that much, even towards the end of the consoles life because everyone always wants it.

    We play it all the time though and it's definitely one of the most fun games yet :-D…wii

    Some ideas on that thread, I asked the same question (got my Wii delivered yesterday)

    Mrio Kart
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Trauma Centre (my new fav :))
    Mario & Sonic Olympics
    Wario Ware is supposed to be good
    Super Monkey Ball can be fun

    Sonic Olympics is brilliant. Good game

    Resident Evil 4 is a must have on the wii !! Metroid: prime 3 corruption i finished last week which is really really good. Mario Galaxy is also a must have! Zelda is really good to but its really frustrating! Without question these games are the 4 best games for the wii. Resident Evil 4 and Metroid are quite intense and very addictive, Galaxy is a lot of fun and gets quite difficult towards the end, bit of a challenge. Zelda is just frustrating. grrr


    I think its going to be Mario Kart and Mario Olympic type ones - will … I think its going to be Mario Kart and Mario Olympic type ones - will wait until they're on offer though

    Just look on ebay, no point buyin em new!
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