Nintendo Wii's - Best deals

    Im thinking of taking the plunge and getting a Nintendo wii and wii fit, and am looking for advice anyone can give me about where I can find the best deals.

    Or before I part with my hard-earned, are the Wii/Wii Fit worth the hype or should i just keep my money?

    I've got a PS2 at the moment, but think that the wii would be used more sociabbly with mates (and also by the missus), etc as opposed to being used for "serious" game playing.

    Is there anything I should be aware of before buying one (how many controller come with it, should I buy extra, etc)

    Also, does any one have any suggestions or recommendations about games to look out for?

    Any other pointers??



    The console comes with one controller and one nunchuck.
    The cheapest way to get another controller is to buy wii play + remote
    and sell the Wii play game on *bay, nunchuck are £12.99.
    Wii fit is down to the individual but myself, since i got mario kart wii, I have
    not used wii fit ( or indeed any other games!! )
    Wii is all about enjoyment......

    Mario Galaxy
    Mario Kart Wii

    Best bet is probably to get the console with just wii sports ( GREAT fun )
    and buy what you want on top.............
    About £169.99 wilkos

    £189 with boom blocks from play…tml

    use a 5% voucher to get it doen to £180, and use quidco to get the price down to £172 ish

    sell the boomblocks game for £22 on ebay - wii for £150

    i did the above, worth the effort for £20 saving.

    wii fit isnt great, and gets boring fast. likfe the man says mario kart is the game, and will be till christmas, brilliant on line, and time trials is brilliant too.

    You'll be lucky to find anywhere with wii fit in stock - it seems to be sold out absolutely everywhere.

    The wii is great though, and much more sociable (and active) than gaming consoles normally are - I can usually take or leave them, but really enjoy playing my wii. Wii Sports is great, but Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is another game worth getting your hands on. It's very funny, and very amusing with a group of mates (especially if you've bought another controller and nunchuk)

    You can get the console and wii sports from Game for £179.99 (plus 3% quidco) - there are plenty of other packages that include more games if that floats your boat.

    Here you go:…442

    * Sandisk 1GB SD Card

    * Wii Console + Wii Sports

    * Wii Fit

    = £249.89

    also there's 2% quidco
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