Nintendogs and the new 2DS XL - Help!

Found 2nd Oct 2017
Thinking of getting the 2DS XL as a present for my wifes birthday as she used to have the DSi XL and play nintendogs.
I know she's not keen on the 3d aspect, but i see there are new nintendogs with cat game available, like Nintendogs And Cats, French Bulldog + New Friends 3DS.
Will this work on the 2DS XL?
Is there a way of knowing which games will work or will all 3DS games work on this console?
Also is it cheaper to buy seperate or does anyone sell these as a bundle these days?

Sorry not really clued up on video gaming.
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All 3DS games work on the 2DS XL.
Decoded35 m ago

All 3DS games work on the 2DS XL.

cheers, will just find a deal on a console and pick up the game seperate then, doesn't seem to be any 'pick your own' bundles around
Does Nintendogs work on the 2DS XL?
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