nintendogs chihuahua wanted.

    hi, i am after this game new or used anyone selling one and also does anyone know the cheapest place to buy it.


    new is like £25…uct

    Problem is this game holds its price well so will cost you about £18 odd second hand in shops…mes

    £20.49 new at CD-WOW plus 4% quidco

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    thanks for advise. rep added.

    ebay. xx

    200245312630 item number there are a few on there,

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    ebay. xx200245312630 item number there are a few on there,

    thanks rep added. :thumbsup:

    choc1969;2720388£20.49 new at …£20.49 new at CD-WOW plus 4% quidco

    problem with that and the reason i didnt post it - is because i dont trust cd-wow as the stuff they sell looks fake or imported

    I have nintedogs dacshund and friends if you are interested?
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