Nintendos wii

    Hi as have recieved xcllent advice here b4 i wonder if i may ask for some more...
    Have bought the family a wii and want to know how do get the best out of it?? all have managed to do at the mo is play games and create mii's
    How do i connect to the internet?? do i need wireless??
    how do i find out my wii code??

    I know these may sound very basic questions but my computer game knowledge is very basic and am just getting to grasp with the ps2 and the kids ds's (can walk and feed the dogs very well!!!)

    Thanks in advance


    the internet you need to set up wireless internet settings

    wii code: usless without internet!

    but open messages!(bottom right- of main screen) click address book(bottom left of messages Screen) look on first page!

    the wii has built in wifi so all you need is a wireless router,possibly depending on your internet service provider you may get one free by phoning then up and using emotional blackmail,if your on aol they will offer one otherwise it will be about 40 pounds or connect you either get lucky first time if not i will tell you how as and when you have router

    Or you can connect via ethernet cable, but you need an adapter for it. :thumbsup:

    afaik you can even buy a usb adaptor which connects to a normal modem,but these are about 30 pounds,and to be honest wireless is as cheap and gives more options for the future.

    You wont need to buy one.

    To put it another way, you have one built into the wii

    Original Poster

    Thanks all for replies.. Seems the first thing I need to do is get in contact with blueyonder (who is now virgin) and try and bluff a wireless internet


    Will let you know how get on..

    Thanks again

    Good luck in your quest! :thumbsup:
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