Nissan Juke lease

    looking for a lease and seen this seem like a decent deal to me if you happen to like the look of the car

    anything better at the moment would love to hear?

    Fuel Type: Petrol

    Transmission: Manual

    Body Style: Hatchback

    Doors: 5

    Drive Train: Front Wheel Drive

    Production Status: Current Model

    9+23 10k Miles p/a

    Initial Rental: £1,036.17

    Additional Fees: £360

    INC VAT £115.13 Per Month,



    Original Poster


    Where from?

    Nissan Juke - One of the ugliest cars since the Fiat Multipla


    This sounds good.
    Where from so I can search up. I'm buying this or a golf next month

    10k miles is a bit low

    Original Poster

    UK average 10-12k a year

    Absolutely hideous car. Horrible.

    horrendous looking thing. i wouldnt take one for free......designer needs shot

    So works out at £168.50 a month. What engine and trim is it?

    feels weird that my comment got -3 considering it's a valid point - even if 10-12k is average, it's 33% below average ...

    and every other comment is just slating the car for it's looks

    Will surely be the Visia rather than say, a Tekna.

    Good price for the base model but worth the upgrade in terms of spec.

    3rd times a charm

    nissan juke is the nicest looking vehicle to date
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