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Hi all,
I have just spent the last 3 days test driving the Nissan Leaf, taking advantage of their extended test drive offer. I really like the car, I drove it from home in Milton Keynes to Tamworth to visit my parents and then from Tamworth to Chelmsford to see if I can cope with having to stop at motorway services to charge it up. Luckily in MK there is quite a few places to charge the car as well as some good incentives (free car parking for electric cars in town and train station - which currently costs me £2.50 a day). The question is - do I get it brand new (which with a £5k deposit works out to be £260 a month on a 3 year PCP with an optional baloon payment of circa £10k should i wish to keep it. The dealer (Glyn Hopkin) was actually quite good and not too pushy. I returned the Leaf just before they closed the shop so he could only go through the brand new options with me, but said a 16 reg they have in the garage is £14k, which I think is about £5k cheaper than the brand new one.
I guess I am asking for some advice as I have always bought a second hand car in the past and paid for them outright, but I am not sure it is worth getting a PCP, paying £260 a month and never actually own it? I am set on a 30kw one due to the range available and the salesman said they only been making them since early this year (anyone can confirm this?) so £14k is the cheapest available... Thoughts?


Are you going to purchase at the end of the PCP or just use it like a lease deal? If you intend to purchase, I would just buy a used one outright, but if you will transfer to another PCP/lease then there is no point buying...

Be careful for that king of money you can get some very economical cars and the leaf is not good at predicting miles on the battery please take a look at owners reviews

Plus I heard you have to pay monthly for a battery system about 70 a month am I wrong I don't know.

I've driven a leaf and think they are fantastic, but I wouldn't buy outright. Tech moves quickly and in 3 years the value could tank depending on range and battery advances.

depends on how long you want to keep the car? i want a new car every 3 years so go via pcp if your happy to keep a car for 4+ years then your prob better to buy 2nd hand

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Thanks for the responses. Battery cost is included in the price - no further monthly payments required. I drove it for quite considerable distance (100 miles from Watford Gap services to Chelmsford) and it was spot on... Can you do a PCP on a used car? Sorry - so many questions, only ever had 2 cars and was lucky enough not to take finance...

Nissan has changed the prices of the Leaf. They start at around £16k, but you then must lease the battery at £70 per month for upto 7.5k miles per year. If you buy with the battery outright, they start at £25k for the 30kwh.

So bear that in mind.

See here

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Have you offered them £14K for a new one?

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Not yet, I am due to see them on Saturday to discuss.

Try carwow and see what other dealers will offer for a new or prereg.
No issue with used if the batteries are covered the same way

Personally, I wouldn't buy an electric car outright. Basically because of battery degradation. You might find now, you'll get the full range from the battery, imagine what that will be like in 3 - 5 years.
Or, I might be totally wrong and the battery payment might cover a new one if it starts to loose capacity?

Have you got a home charger point ?
Do the install incentives apply to used or only new ?

I own a leaf. - if you have specific questions then let me know or pop along to speakev and look through the Leaf section.

I would say either buy used (and yes the 30KW battery has only been out for a year or so) or do a PCP and hand back. I bought used on the basis that this car is for a 15 mile commute and the saving over diesel costs pays for the car.

Avoid Visia spec - you want Acenta or Tekna.

Forget the people going on about £70/month for a battery lease. The LEAF is available either with battery lease or battery purchase (unlike the Zoe which is battery lease only).

If you are going to buy the car then you want battery ownership. If you are going to PCP then treat it as a long term rental because you will be handing it back at the end of the PCP so just go by the numbers.

Battery degradation doesnt seem to be an issue on LEAF gen2 cars (2013 on) there are lots of people with 100K miles ++ without noticable battery loss - there is an issue on gen1 cars.

There are some very good deals to be had at the end of the financial quarters and at year end - dealers have to register a certain number of electric cars to get their bonus so you'll see pre-reg or ex-demo cars at very good prices.

Glyn Hopkins have a decent reputation, but I'd also look to Fish Brothers and Trenton - both often have very good deals.


but said a 16 reg they have in the garage is £14k, which I think is about … but said a 16 reg they have in the garage is £14k, which I think is about £5k cheaper than the brand new one.

Your PCP deal is 24.3k total, not £19k.

You need to be clear about which trim you want, whether you want to buy the batteries or lease them (depends on how long you're going to own it for) and whether you want the '6.6kW' (30A) charger instead of the '3.5kW' (16A) one.

i'm getting the bmw i3 soon, electric for daily driving is way forward
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