Nissan Qashqai 2014 remote central locking problem

Posted 28th Aug 2018
Hey up folks, i wondered if any of you had any knowledge to remedy our problem. we have a 2014 (new shape) Nissan Qashqai with keyless ignition system, and the central locking fob just wont work these days. if you persist after about 50 + presses it will eventually 'register' with the car and then for the next few moments, using the fob to lock and unlock the car is as per normal, but my wife is worried she is going to be out with the kids and stranded essentially so we need to fix this, but i cant put my finger on what it could be?

i've changed and checked the battery in the fob. im confident that it is of the right type CR 2032 and has power. when the car does receive the signal, the fob works as it should, but it takes a while for the car to 'wake up' and receive the signal from the fob. these clues lead me to believe that it isnt a problem with the fob, perhaps? i've seen some videos about putting the key into the ignition and depressing the fob button and the brake to sort of 'reset' the signal, but that was on an older model car and also has an ignition to put the key into!

Does anyone have any experience with this and or any ideas to try or what the solution would be?


Kind regards

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