Nissan Qashqai...anyone got one??

Found 7th Mar 2010
We are contemplating getting a new car, my wife will be the main driver as i use my van. She currently drives fiesta but we need something bigger. I quite like the Qashqai but she thinks it might be a bit to big for her :(.
Anyone got one and if so what are your thoughts??

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Depends on what you mean by bigger... inside or outside.
My best ates got one, has a missud and two kids. It's definitely bigger on the outside sits taller, on the inside it's no bigger than a regular estate car (smaller that you'd expect) What I suggest though is go and book a test drive. We were on the look out for a bigger car as we have just had our 3rd kid. Our car was a Volvo V50 Sportwagon, but we couldn't fit three child seats in the back so we looked at the Qashqai class of SUV, others were the Ford Kuga, VW Tiguan, Peugeot 3008, all were real nice to drive but the interior was no bigger than our V50 with the same problem for the 3 seats. So in the end we went for a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. I have a company car so it is my wife that drives it with no trouble at all.
Good luck in your search and try an book as many test drives as you can. If emissions and therefore tax are a consideration have a look at comcar.com where you can compare cars in a tax and emission band.
I've got one and love it. I too thought it would be too big after driving hatchbacks all my life but I have no problems at all driving or parking it. We have the Qashqai +2 which is slightly bigger than the normal one, so if your going for that one then I can't see that much difference in driving a hatchback.

Our Qashqai is the NTEC version which has loads of useful gadgets including touch screen sat nat, hands free blue tooth, cruise control and the most useful thing from my point of view which is the reversing camera.

The only downpoint is that we have the 2 litre which is quite heavy on petrol and takes over £60 to fill up, but other than than, can't really fault it.
I've got one and really like it. Size wise the interior is probably on a par with most mid sized cars but feels bigger because of its height.
I love my Qashqai. It's about the same size inside as my CMax was, it handles really well and does not feel like a big car when you are behind the wheel.
I have one and I love it, in fact I've just put my deposit on a new model QQ 1.5 diesel Ntec (with all the whistles and bells) as I'm upgrading from a 1.6 petrol Visia model.

The size is comparable to a Golf/Focus/Megane mid size cars but the visibility is way better and the driving position, because of the height it feels like it's a lot bigger. The boot is extremely impressive size wise.

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