Nitendo ds, for my son, cheapest i can buy it for, 2nd hand?

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Found 20th May 2008
i am looking for a nitendo ds, i am willing to pay up to 70 quid on a 2nd hand one, i can buy new one for 90-100.

was wondering if anyone is selling one or knows where i can buy cheapest one from.


seen them in gamestation today with a game for like 84 pounds
second handlike but in good condition

hi, you didn't mention which type of ds you were after - as in original or ds lite.

I have a charcoal/anthracite original ds which looks the business, in mint condition and complete working order still boxed in original packaging even- also got a custom 'battle stylus' imported from U.S. as it's stylus

pm me if interested as I can let you have pics


I posted up this deal earlier,you get a game too.If game doesn't interest,you can always sell it on here or somewhere.

ive got a silver ds lite with pokemon diamond, a pokemon diamond case and pur pals. Havent got a box or instructions for any of it (including games) or anything but does have spare stylus. also doesnt have a charger...
was looking for about £90 for it but understand if you can get a better/cheaper deal!

Hi i have a Ds lite that im going to sell as i have used it about 4 times since xmas:roll: Ex boyfriend thought it was a good present even tho i havent got the patience or time to play it with 2 kids lol.....Anyway

Ds lite in white, used about 4 times, Not been near my 1 year old and my 8 yr old has a pink one. will through in two games ...sonic and monkey balls i think the other one is! £90 delivered paid by check please or £95 by paypal if they charge???? i dont know let me know if interested
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