nits ? how do you get rid

    my son has had nits for about 4 weeks now , how can i shift them ?
    i have been using headrin once a week and tea tree conditioner and nit comb twice a week aswell . but they are stubborn little monkies and my son is being very patient while i do all this


    Baby oil is good but try combing with conditioner every second day.

    The only way is to buy a professional nit comb from Boots which costs around £12.... The shampoos etc do not work! You have to comb at least twice a day but the comb will get rid of the eggs which is the big problem

    could he be playing with someone that has them and getting reinfected

    buy a nitty gritty comb, they're really effective

    put loads of conditioner on and leave it on for a while then comb the hair, if your son doesnt mind maybe shave his hair to a number 2, we did this with my nephew and hes never had them since as i think nits like long hair.


    buy a nitty gritty comb, they're really effective

    i have to agree, i have 3 girls with long hair and i have used this comb for 3yrs now, never needed to buy any treatments since getting it. would highly recommend the nitty gritty comb. it is expensive but works out cheaper in the long run.

    hope you manage to sort your son out.

    nit comb and cheap conditioner every day until gone, then every other day for two weeks then once a week from then on! If problem returns, start regime again! I am a health professional, in case you thought that I was being OTT!

    my daughter used to get them all the time and i found treatments dont work,best thing was a fine nit comb and cheap conditioner every night for a week or so,dont rinse out all the conditioner as the eggs cant stick if theres conditioner on the hair


    nits are not alive they are only the egg cases left by head lice so you need something to get rid of head lice as well

    The wet combing method
    This is a method that avoids using chemicals.

    Wash your child's hair using a normal shampoo.
    Use plenty of ordinary conditioner to make the hair slippery so the lice will lose their grip.
    Comb your child's hair with a normal comb, then with a nit comb. Start at the root of the hair and go all the way along to the ends. Check the comb for lice after each stroke and clean it if any are there. Keep combing over the whole head for at least 30 minutes.
    Rinse their hair, and comb it through again.
    Do the whole thing again four times over the next two weeks. The rule is carry on until you haven’t seen any full-grown lice for three sessions.

    Chemical lotions or rinses
    Only use these if you find a live headlouse. There are two main types, insecticide-based treatments or dimeticone treatments. Your pharmacist will help you pick the right one.
    The instructions will be slightly different depending on which one you use, but normally you’ll need to repeat the treatment seven days later.
    Ask your chemist for advice if your child is under six months, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or if your child has asthma or other allergies.
    Check for eggs three to five days after you use the lotion or rinse, and again after 10 to 15 days, in case any lice eggs have escaped. Don’t assume the chemicals will kill all the lice, as some may be resistant. If you think this is happening, go back to your pharmacist, health visitor, GP or school nurse for advice

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    thank you all have repped you all


    if your son doesnt mind maybe shave his hair to a number 2, we did this … if your son doesnt mind maybe shave his hair to a number 2, we did this with my nephew and hes never had them since as i think nits like long hair.

    You would have to do this yourself as any reputable hairdresser wouldn't cut anyone's hair with nits.. maybe best to phone in advance and ask.. maybe a mobile hair dresser or someone in the family that has the clippers would be your best bet

    i remeber when i was young and had nits the lotion my mum used was so strong i hated it, it felt like you couldnt breathe and it got right to the back of your throat, glad things have improved since then lol

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    :oops:it was the hairdresser that found them in the first place :oops:

    you can get the nitty gritty comb free with presciption from doctor :thumbsup:

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    i didn't know that
    doctors here i come

    A mobile on will do but it might cost you extra as they have to clean and soak all thier tools after

    The nitty gritty comb you can get for free…asp you get it on pescription and just get your HV or doc to fill it in, they normally have to order them in.

    I'd be carefull by the amount of treatment you're putting on his head. I was in the chemist the other week and over heard them telling a lady you should'nt put alot of it on

    also wash his bedding as the nits or eggs might get on his pillow etc

    TIME is the best investment to prevent this problem

    The reason "nit nurses" were stopped was because it was not effective. No matter how long you inspect DRY hair, you cannot ever say you are clear, you are simply deluding yourself. The only way to be certain is wet combing with conditioner.

    It is clear which children have a problem which is being neglected at home; those families are targeted and dealt with confidentially. Hopefully avoiding the stigmatisation of kids.

    The only effective way to check hair is wet combing with a nit comb and any cheap conditioner (tesco/asda). If people did this with children's hair every week, it would greatly reduce the problem, although not eradicate it.

    Should be done on all kids 4-11. Most of the time they will be clear but if you leave it for a few weeks, you might then have a headful which will take more TIME to solve.

    Sadly, it is a normal part of primary school life. You cannot blame the school or other children

    You can drive yourself nuts working out where it has come from, or just get on with checking regularly. It is not the scruffy looking kids in the class you need to worry about, they might check hair very regularly. I have known many cash rich - time poor families who were unwilling to invest the TIME to check the hair because they did not believe the problem existed (until it was graphically pointed out to them). They then paid the nanny extra to deal with the problem

    You have to train your kids from an early age that it is normal that their hair is wet combed regularly; otherwise you will be paying a small fortune in insecticides / alternative lotions.

    It can be so traumatic for parent and child. Eventually it became a very useful bonding chat TIME . (4 daughters, very long hair - never cut because of lice problem). Just doubled the TIME that we had to invest. Many people are not willing / unable to do this and want a quick fix which might work in the short term only.

    As kids progress through junior school, their activities and games are not as close, so becomes less of a problem.

    Lice do not have brains or sense of smell. They do not make reasoned choices!

    THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN PUT ON A CHILDS HEAD TO PREVENT THEM (apart from a bathing cap every day!)

    There are now thousands of web sites only too willing to offer a variety of products. You can spend your money on what you like but:- NEVER USE INSECTICIDE UNLESS YOU SEE LIVE LICE. Tea tree is a useful antiseptic but WILL NOT kill lice, or prevent them.

    The peak season for most outbreaks is Oct...New school terms, closer contact in families-colder nights). Opposite is true in the summer.

    You have not stated whether you have actually seen a live louse on his head.

    Hiya, Im a hairdresser and a mum of two school age kids , nits are evry parents worst time waster, best method i have found is a nitty gritty comb which is free from the doctor or around £10 form chemist .
    There is a link to how to get a prescription i suggest to print it off and take it to the gp, dont get fobbed off.

    Use the comb with some conditioner on damp hair , they remove eggs and lice and i have found no more than two separate combing to rid all of the nit problem at any one time.

    Just to cap it is not needed to check the childs hair every day after combing as they cannot reproduce at that speed it take around 3 days for a new egg to hatch depending on the childs hair colouring it can be almost invisible to see an egg(blonde hair)

    i agree nitty gritty mine had them for 4 weeks i used headrin and it didnt work at all i was combing them out alive after 12 hours of it been on, i bought a nitty gritty i think it was £10.95 but it got rid of them i use it every sunday just to keep hair in check and theyve not came back, worth every penny i spent more than this on the headrin and it didnt work,


    Ask them for commitment.


    combing your childs har with a fine tooth comb every morning/evening will help prevent him getting reinfected

    Whats the beasties that you cover in Vaseline or petroleum jelly to suffocate them, dont thinks its nits but its annoying me not knowing.
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