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Found 26th Dec 2017
Just wish to clear something up. are graphics cards like gtx 970m and 980 more future proof then say Gtx 1050/ti and gtx1060?
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Lot of weird facts about the 1060 3GB and 6GB. 6GB is supposed to be spec'd about the GTX 980 and the 980ti about the GTX 1070.
Isn't the 970m a mobile device ?
Ahh okay that's starting to make sense. I was wondering what the M was . So I'm looking for s gaming laptop and was just wondering what graphics card to look for, so far I've decided gtx 1060m would be ideal, but I was just wondering if maybe the 970m or 980m were better options for the future (can't afford 1070m or 1080m)
nVidia changed their naming scheme, so the 1000 series don't have any M. There was both a GTX 980M and a GTX 980 for laptops and they had different performance so you need to be specific about which one you're referring to.
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