NIX and Technika photo frames - same thing, different brand?

    I looked at this Technika 8" frame in Tesco earlier:…spx
    It seems pretty good I think. Looking on Amazon I've found this 8" frame from Nix…16/

    It's over 50% more expensive than the Technika, but look at the pictures and specs. Physically it looks to be the same as the Technika, except the Technika has a silver stripe on it. The photo of the back of the Nix looks exactly like the back of Technika. (There's no photo of the back on the Tesco site but I was holding the Technika only a couple of hours ago.) The specs appear identical. The Tesco site doesn't list CF card support of a USB but the frame does have both. (Why is it that websites so often fail in listing all specifications for a product?)

    Also compare these two 7" frames, again they look to be the same:…GA/…spx

    Anyone know if these products are actually the same thing with different brands stuck on?

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