NJ: Paypal Scam wat do

Found 22nd Sep 2011
Afternoon good ol' miscers.

Had a nice old email come up on my phone to say I've made a payment of £135 quid for an 8 week spa membership through paypal.


Accounts has been limited so I have changed password, security questions and will update location later on (they call landline for verification)

Have filed a dispute to Paypal also.

Now my question is what do I do after this has been settled. Surely I'm gonna get the money back cos it is a legitimate claim for an unauthorised transaction. Should I be looking to change my email password as a precaution? Its different to the paypal one but linked to my account.

Will my account be 'safe' once all this is done

Plus are there are good add ons for firefox or any software thats good for keeping passwords in once place?

Just wanted some advice really from some wise heads and people that have had this happen to them, as I've never been scammed before because I'm careful about where I buy things etc. My Paypal is only used for the odd payments on ebay and maybe occasionally online stores that accept paypal.

muchas love


inb4 hate
inb4 google it
inb4 inb4

scammed for £135 quid
filled a dispute with paypal
wat do now
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Man up and admit you got drunk and joined a spa
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As long as you have a house and 2 cars you'll be fine, oh and a degree as well i've been told
wait for paypal to get back to you

carry on as normal until then

ok will keep an eye on it. Will update this thread as and when in case there are others in the same predicament.
Will be watching with interest as I have just filed a dispute with paypal as I had £120 taken out of my account today for 6 week spa membership.

Annoyed is putting it mildly.
Got an email today saying it had been resolved. Lovely jubbly.

Good luck sderenne86 with your claim

Dear numptyj you sexy mofo

Recently, you told us that you didn’t recognize a payment sent from your
PayPal account. We are currently investigating the following transaction:

Details of disputed transaction

Seller's Name: clifford allen
Seller's Email: cliffordallen1@hotmail.co.uk
Seller's Transaction ID: 5M493478A2731910K

Transaction Date: 22 Sep 2011
Transaction Amount: -135.00 GBP
Your Transaction ID:
Case Number:

Buyer's Transaction ID:

We placed the disputed funds in your PayPal account while we investigate
this claim. When we’re done, any part of the payment that was funded by
your credit or debit card will be transferred automatically from your
PayPal account to that card. Please note that it might take up to 30 days
for the refund to be credited to your card.
During our investigation, you’ll have access to the disputed funds in your
PayPal account. Keep in mind, if you spend or withdraw the full amount, we
will not credit your card when your claim is resolved. If you spend or
withdraw a part of the disputed funds, the remaining amount will be
credited to your card.
Log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Centre for more
information and to see the status of your claim.

Yours sincerely,

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