No Cancellation Fee on O2 Contracts - Read Description

Posted 29th Jul 2021
Note to Mods: Please, please, please don't move this to discussions, they don’t get the exposure this deal deserves! After my recent comment on this iPhone 12 Contract, it is clear not many people are aware of this opportunity to save hundreds, if not thousands of £!

Almost all O2 Customers are eligible for this deal, O2 will verify this.

What has changed with O2?

O2 has announced to its customers that it will be introducing a fair usage cap of 25GB when roaming in the EU from August. In this deal, I will explain the different scenarios regarding what to expect, how the process works, and what you can do next.

*Note - I have done this for 5 Customers at my work, all with success.

What if my contract is direct from O2, split payments to Airtime and Device?

The Airtime portion of your contract will be terminated with no cancellation fee. Any remaining payments on the Device will still need to be paid on a monthly basis.

What if my contract is from a third party, (i.e Carphone Warehouse)?

Your entire contract will be terminated with no cancellation fee.

What if I am on a SIM Only?

As you only pay for airtime, your entire contract will be terminated with no cancellation fee.

What if I am on O2 Business or an MVO (i.e Virgin Mobile)?

Hopefully, someone in the comments can bring light and I will update this segment.

How does this work?

1) Call O2 Customer Service, either 202 on an O2 Connected Device, or 0344 809 0202for a non O2 Device.

2) Ask to "leave your contract with no cancellation fee under the EU Roaming Contract Change".

3) The O2 Representative will verify if you are eligible.

4) If eligible, the O2 Representative will get his/her manager to generate a PAC Code, which will be sent via SMS Message to the O2 Number/s you wish to cancel with no cancellation fee.

I got my PAC Code, what are my options?

A PAC Code must be used within 30 days of receiving, you have three options.

I want a new Device!

Perfect! If you need help picking a new device, ask the amazing HotUkDeals community.

I am happy with my Device!

Awesome! There are SIM Only deals that pop up every day on HotUkDeals, ask the amazing community for the best ones!

I want to stick with O2!

A PAC Code cannot be used to migrate back to O2 directly. You will have to do a triangle port:

1) Switch your number to a Pay As You Go SIM using the PAC Code O2 Provided. (Ensure this Pay As You Go SIM is not an O2 SIM)

2) Your number will be on the Pay As You Go SIM within 24 - 48 Hours (excluding weekends).

3) Once your number is on the Pay As You Go SIM, request a new PAC Code by texting PAC to 65075. This will generate a PAC Code you can use to migrate back to O2.

4) Complete this form on the O2 website to switch back to O2. Your number will be on O2 within 24 - 48 Hours (excluding weekends).

I have a question!

Any questions, pop them in the comments below, I will try my best to answer them all. Alternatively, my DMs are open if you need further help.
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