No Cinema Freebies

    Where have all the offers gone. :-(

    No more interest now the Oscars are finished :w00t: :giggle: :w00t:


    Its the quiet season for new films..


    sign up for cinewordls unlimited offer .. £10.99 a month and you can go see as many films as you like, the cost for an adult after 6 is £6 so two visits and your on a winner.. I have done 3 films so far this week and off again sunday night

    Still a few free tickets around.. Managed to bag a couple for Meet the Robinsons for tommorrow a few days ago.

    Original Poster

    Talking total freebies as occasional treat. Could never get the time to go to more than one film a month.
    [SIZE=2]Maybe I am just not quick enough[/SIZE]
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