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Found 29th Sep 2017
This is my first year car insurance. Just wanna know after how many years you get no claim bonus?? I am with axa insurance if anyone here knows how axa's no claim bonus works please let me know. My insurance year is finishing in november.
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You gain 1 years no claim bonus for each full policy term you're accident and claim free.... So if your renewal is November and you have not claimed you will have 1 years no claims bonus.
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As your insurance comes towards the end of 1 year ( ie in the next week or two ) go on a compare site, preferably 2 or 3 sites (putting 1yr for NCB earned ) . Find the best price for equivalent insurance (same excess and cover) and ask Axa to match it . Take any TCB/Quidco into account also .

Do this EVERY year as insurance companies generally give a 20% -30% "Introductory bonus" to get your custom , as this is removed after the first year it can often negate the effect of you being a year older , more experienced , and with a years NCB .

I compare and change companies virtually every year and always save 20% -30% (plus any cashback) on my insurers renewal quote . Of course to do this you must keep your licence clean and hopefully not be involved in a claim .
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