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Found 18th Mar 2011

If I swap my car insurance half way through the year do I lose the 6 months I have accumulated of no claims?
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If you swap the car but not the insurance company then no; if you swap companies then yes.
when you say 'swap' you mean change companies? or just change vehicle?
if changing vehicle only then NO you dont lose the 6 months
you dont accrue no claims bonus monthly its annually, so yes if you change companies you will lose the years no claims bonus. if you change your car no you keep it until the renewal date
^^ All true ^^
Cheers all. It was swapping Insurers. At current it's 1000 a year but with the same company on the Internet it's now 600. You reckon if I ring em up theyll change it?
OP you can't do this as you will receive a heavy charge from your Insurance company you are with just now for ending your agreement before the 12 months are up.So you will need to see if it's worth it first.
Thanks wheresmenuts. Tis out I'm June actually. I've had it gor longer than I thought. Will wait and just get cheaper new one. Thanks all of you again
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